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Counterfeit cases on the rise in Jefferson County


During the first five months of 2010, The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office have taken nine reports that involve the collection of ten counterfeit U.S. bills. Several of the bills were given as change, and later found out to be counterfeit. The Sheriff's Office urges citizens to check all paper money for counterfeit bills and report it as soon as possible.

To help detect counterfeit money go to Crime Prevention Tips at the Jefferson County Sheriff's website. (


Listed below are cases involving the report of counterfeit bills.

January 12,2010:                      $100.00 bill                       McLouth BP Oil

April 19,2010:                               $50.00 bill                      Oskaloosa Mutual Savings

April 30,2010:                               $20.00 bill                      Perry Middle School

May 18,2010:                                $20.00                            Perry Fast Trax

May 18,2010:                                $20.00                            Perry First State Bank

May 18,2010:                                $10.00                            Oskaloosa Individual

May 19,2010:                                $10.00                            Oskaloosa Casey's

June 2,2010:                                $20.00                             Perry Perry Bar & Grill

June 3,2010:                                 $20.00                           Meriden Flamingo Bar & Grill



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