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Possible Veteran Burial Scam


The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is conducting an investigation into a possible Veteran Burial Scam. A Jefferson County couple reported, that a gentleman came to their residence selling caskets, with the understanding they would be buried in the VA Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas. The couple wrote a check for an amount over $6000.00.

The couple advised the salesman called their house on Wednesday afternoon, 10-20-2010, identifying himself as working with Veteran Affairs. An appointment was made between the salesman and the couple to meet on 10-21-2010 to make final arrangements.

On 10-21-2010, the salesman met with the couple at the agreed time, and commenced talking with them about purchasing caskets, and both of them being able to be buried at the National Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas. At this meeting the salesman addresses himself as working with The American Veteran KCA. The salesman has pictures of caskets, plots and even asked for the Military Serial Number.

On 10-22-2010, the couple called the VA and spoke with the Director and found that the National Cemetery is not affiliated with The American Veteran KCA.

It has been discovered that the American Veteran KCA was involved in a Veteran Burial Scam where older veterans such as this Jefferson County couple were duped into buying what they believed was a funeral package but did not deliver what was promised. There are articles posted by the Attorney General in reference to the American Veteran KCA scamming older veterans into prepaying what is believed to be a funeral package.

The salesman is described as tall but under 6 foot, and slim, he has dark un kept hair, wire rimmed glasses, and what is described as an "Adolf Hitler type mustache". He is smooth talking, with a lot of paperwork and pictures.

This couple was misled in believing that their final arraignments would be taken care of and that they would be laid to rest in the National Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas, when in reality they purchased 2 caskets.

If anyone is confronted with this type of organization or person, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as soon as possible (785) 863-2351

Investigation continues


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