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SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As we all know, being scammed is a costly and upsetting thing that happens to many people.

We have noticed an up-tic in the phone scams here in Jefferson County.   We received two complaints from citizens of Jefferson County on the same day.   I saw on the news that Kansas City is having the same issue with the same stories being told.

The Scammers will call and tell the person that they are a relative and have been involved in an accident or have been arrested and need money.  In our instance the scammer called and said, "Grandpa, I have been in an accident and broke my nose."  I was told the scammer sounded like his grandson and he had personal knowledge of family members and friends.  (Most likely from their Face Book account).

In both of the Jefferson County incidents, no money was sent, thanks to a local bank teller and Grandpa who asked the caller, "Who was with you in the accident?"   The caller replied your great grandson.    Knowing his grandson is 16 years old and does not have children, he knew he was being scammed.

If you receive a phone call and are asked to send money, make sure you know for sure that the information you are receiving is TRUE...  In the Kansas City incident, the grandfather actually called his grandson and asked if he was in an accident, and was told no, and he was okay.

It is always good to remember that if you do not initiate the phone call and money is asked of you, then you are probably the target of a SCAM..

If you are the victim of a scam, it is almost impossible  to recover the money you were scammed out of!!!!!!

Undersheriff Bob Chartier





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