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Courthouse Security

bchartier@jfsoks.orgThe Jefferson County Sheriff is responsible for Courthouse Security at the Jefferson County District Courthouse in Oskaloosa, Kansas. Until recently, the service of Courthouse Security was only performed when requested by a judge for a jury trial or when the possibility of unforeseen problem existed.

In early 2009, Sheriff Herrig began to use deputies in the courthouse on a part time basis on predetermined days of the week, as well as when the judge was on the bench. In May of 2009, Sheriff Herrig elevated the Courthouse Security hours to five days a week, covering the hours the courthouse is open to the public.

Courthouse Security has two walk through metal detectors that are stationed at the courthouse and the use of hand wands when warranted.

In addition to performing all bailiff duties, the responsibilities of Courthouse Security officers include maintaining security at the courthouse for the safety of its employees, as well as the public.

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